On Farm Events in the Coach House

We hold many private and public farm events please contact us if you want to arrange a visit or hold an event here.

Mon. 10/7 9:00 AM Obsalim Meeting Bruno Giboudeau, the creator of Obsalim https://www.obsalim.com/en/index.htm Technique of feeding is only part of the story. Using OBSALIMŽ, farmers, vets and technicians will learn through careful observation to ?listen? to what ruminants have to ?s... more
Fri. 10/11 All day Comunicating Soil Biology 11th October 2019 BOOK BELOW A public one-day event, comprising presentations, workshops and practical demonstrations, with the aim of sharing experience and expertise in communicating soil biology. The event will provide opportunities for networkin... more
Thu. 11/21 All day Danish Biennial Organic Farming Conference Yatesbury House Farm on tour, Plenary Talk in Bullund, Denmark
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